25 Julai 2012


Save Maryam - Secure the Islam of Indonesia

Donating to the Save Maryam campaign is a phenomenal way to propel ajr-accumulation this Ramadan. We are looking for 5000 people from across the world to donate $400. If we can acquire this, we will lay the foundations for the future of the biggest coordinated Dawah campaign of Indonesia in history.
No donation is too little or too great for this cause; however much you donate, it truly makes a difference. Investing in this campaign put simply is a deed that is beloved to the One whose name you are seeking to raise in Indonesia once again.
Allah, the Lord of The Worlds has said, "Whatever good you do, God is aware of it.” (Quran, 2:215). Therefore we value every dollar you give or wish you could give. Our target is 5000 people from across the world donating $400, but whatever you can donate is something we will honor, welcome and look forward to using in reviving the Islamic spirit.

Where will your money go?

Our approach is to start with one state and work our way across it, one town at a time. We plan to start in Jogjakarta, a place that is the cultural capital of Indonesia, and a place where multiple missionary organisations have settled.
Muslim Youth TV
We will launch the first free to air Islamic TV channel for the masses with a reach of 5 million people. Our host city, Jogjakarta, is a city that spans 32.5km, and has a demographic so diverse that it is known as one of the most heterogeneous cities in Indonesia. To do this we need to secure:
  • Acquisition
  • Licensing
  • 24 Month Production
  • 24 Month Staffing
Indonesian Youth Helpline
Launch the first helpline for Muslim youth helpline to reach out to the needs and requirements of our youth.

  • Call Centre/Helpline Setup
  • 24 Months Building Rental
  • 24 Months Staffing; >24 staff
Indonesia Micro-Credit
Launch the first Islamic micro-credit facility to help support those in need with a hunger for independence.
  • Establishment of Facility
  • 24 Months Staffing
  • 24 Months Promotion

We need your support to make this a reality. Do something amazing, donate now.

Please Donate Today!



donate for religion.. where have i heard that one before rofl

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